OnePlus has promised to release the flagship compact

OnePlus in the foreseeable future can produce compact smartphones, that it will provide maximum market coverage. This follows from the statements of the CEO, Pete Lau, which he did, speaking at the event, Qualcomm Tech Summit in 2018. He was confident that the market there remains steady demand for devices with small screen sizes, which has nothing to do with the popularity of the iPhone previous generations.

According to Lau, the OnePlus does not produce smartphones with small screen size because of the imperfection of the batteries. The compact body of the apparatus can not fit in the battery of sufficient capacity to provide a decent level of autonomy, and therefore extremely inefficient. The company found, for example, the OnePlus X, which is not a compact in the familiar to most consumers understanding, was very, very controversial model.

Compact smartphone from OnePlus

To start production of flagship smartphones, the OnePlus will allow the development of graphene batteries. Due to their high energy efficiency battery packs even the small size can provide vehicles for a long battery life and will allow them to charge much faster than their lithium-ion counterparts. However, to expect that release a compact smartphone from OnePlus will be even next year, however. Probably will have to wait at least two to three years.

And here is the output of the first 5G smartphone OnePlus will take place much earlier. According to the official representatives of the company, the device will release early next year. The novelty will be equipped with the most advanced Snapdragon 855, 10 GB of RAM and maybe a larger screen without frames. It is also possible that the manufacturer will elect for the flagship 2019 form factor of a slider, which is gaining popularity among Chinese vendors.

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