OnePlus has released an important update for its two smartphones

Company OnePlus has released a long promised software update for smartphones OnePlus 5 and 5T, which brings support to Project Treble, follows from the official OnePlus forum. The modular architecture was included in the current build, OxygenOS, the distribution of which began on the night of 25 to 26 October. Thanks to it the manufacturer will be much easier to update proprietary devices, spending for adaptation updates much less time than before.

The modular architecture of Project Treble allows you to separate high-level, vendor neutral, from low-level, the responsibility for which lies with the companies that produce the chipsets. This allows smartphone manufacturers to release the updates, not waiting until partner will give birth to a patch that supports a new version OS Android, for original equipment. And because they often retard the performance of their duties to the last, Project Treble can be a real panacea in the matter of updates smartphones.

Android Fragmentation

Fragmentation is one of the main problems of the mobile OS from Google. Due to the lack of consistency in software and hardware most manufacturers stop supporting branded smartphones within two years after their release, and only a few continue to do so for three years or more.

Not least the problem of fragmentation of Android is associated with a software shells that are used in most smartphones. Vendors strive to provide our users the best experience optimizing unique functions, which often delays the release of updates for months.

In order to give users at least a little confidence in the security of their devices, Google has decided to require manufacturers to update their devices for at least two years from the day of release. In accordance with the provisions of the updated agreement on the licensing of Android, vendors are required to produce at least four security updates in its first year, and at least one in the second.

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