OnePlus has withdrawn Android 10 for two of its smartphones because of bugs

Audience OnePlus is one of the most loyal. If you see a smartphone owner of this brand, it is likely that this is not his first camera. However, the OnePlus does have something to love. Not only that, the smartphone brand is regularly recognized as one of the fastest on the market, and usually receive updates almost immediately after they come out for Google Pixel. But, as so often happens, sometimes happens even on my OnePlus, which is necessary urgently to correct mistakes.

Your OnePlus is not received Android 10? It should be

Why OnePlus 6 not upgraded to Android 10

OnePlus had to stop the spread of 10 for the Android OnePlus, and OnePlus 6 6T, which released a week earlier. Of course, the manufacturer will not be forced to roll back the already updated devices to Android 9 Pie, but those who have not yet had time to install the update now will only get the updated Assembly, which will be released as soon as the developers fix the discovered defects. They cannot be called critical, but they exist since the days of beta testing, and it is rather strange that the company did not fix them at the time of release.

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“After we announced the launch of Android 10 to 6 and OnePlus OnePlus 6T last week, I received over 20 private messages from users who asked about the status updates. I’m going to answer this question all at once. The update is still not available for download to all users. Our team is working on a new build of the firmware to correct some problems, and it will be released as soon as it’s ready. Then the update will be able to download all those who haven’t got it yet”, — wrote the representative of the OnePlus.

Bugs OxygenOS 10

  • The lag animation of a fingerprint scanner at the time of recognition;
  • Problems in the mechanism that hides the hole in the screen;
  • The lack of Digital Wellbeing app to monitor time spent with a smartphone.

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Yes, it’s all the shortcomings of the release version of Android for OnePlus 10 6 and 6T, described OnePlus that prevented her to withdraw the update. The same iOS 13 suffered from a far greater number of problems, but Apple instead suspend the distribution of a new version of the operating system, the beginning of the weekly release to update with the corrections. Despite the fact that all of the problem is not solved, users still have access to update. Therefore, a review of Oxygen OS 10 raises a number of questions.

Double or deception

If it’s really all the shortcomings, it turns out that OnePlus just does the extra work, because all she had to do was release a small patch with fixes. Most likely, experienced developers would be able to “collect” it for a few days. However, it is likely that OnePlus just hid from us the real shortcomings of the firmware, which could be much more. For example, developers could skip in the release version, Android 10, any vulnerability that allows the hack updated smartphones, and now, not to panic, just hide it from users.

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