OnePlus is planning for the official announcement of the device OnePlus TV in the month of September

Confirmed the company OnePlus in the comments new today on its plans for the official announcement from the first device to a smart TV Nov TV during the month of September, to apply the device in the Indian market in the beginning.

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In the statements of Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, confirmed that the issuance of the company’s first smart TV will be released during the month of September, he also confirmed that the device OnePlus TV will be available initially in the Indian market, that applies to other markets later.

As pointed out by Pete Lau noted that the company is facing a great challenge to enter the market of smart TVs, also it was pointed out that the choice of OnePlus to the Indian market in particular to launch the OnePlus TV back the good relations of the company with private companies to pay content to your devices, which would add experience to the users in the new series.

Also from the article that applies to your OnePlus TV later in the markets of North America, Europe, and China, to apply the device in the markets in which the OnePlus partnership with content providers in the beginning.

Recall that the CEO of OnePlus has confirmed that the device OnePlus TV applicable experience in the quality of the presentation and the quality of acoustics also, as confirmed to that the device comes in a fantastic design that goes well in modern homes.


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