OnePlus is preparing to release some more cheap smartphones

Many years ago, OnePlus started making smartphones. At that moment, they simply blew up the market, but further growth in popularity went more or less gradually. Due to the fact that there were almost no inexpensive devices in the lineup of this brand, its smartphones did not become such a mass product as Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi devices, but they have enough fans of the brand. Apparently, the company decided to change something and released the OnePlus Nord , which attracted a lot of interest and became the successor to the OnePlus X, which was released shortly after the brand was launched. Now the company understands that releasing flagships is not enough for further growth. Moreover, it is almost impossible to continue to contain the price for them. This means that it is necessary to capture more accessible segments than OnePlus and is engaged in preparing several more affordable models.

OnePlus is not satisfied with one inexpensive smartphone and is preparing more.


Cheap OnePlus

For the first time, the release of the available model took place a year after the launch of the first OnePlus model – in 2015. Then the sales of the inexpensive OnePlus X were not high and indirectly this discouraged the company from releasing something like that. Low interest in the device was then quite natural. The flagships on the top processor cost even more, but then their price did not reach $ 1,000. Even if people grumbled that top-end smartphones are expensive, they still put up with it much more willingly than now.

Therefore, there was no subsequent model for the OnePlus X and the series was discontinued in 2016. After focusing mainly on the flagship market for several years, OnePlus launched the OnePlus Nord in July this year, and the company entered the mid-range market again. Rumor has it that the company will release several more Nord series phones this year.

Лучшие альтернативы OnePlus Nord и его полные аналоги

New line of OnePlus phones

Recently, the analyst said that the upcoming OnePlus phone with Snapdragon 662 may appear in September. Another leak revealed that OnePlus may launch a Snapdragon 460-powered phone in the near future.

Notable insider @the_tech_guy tweeted screenshots of OnePlus source code that mentions various processors. Apparently, the company initially laid in its line of several models that are to be released and which are being prepared or prepared for it for the wide market.

Oneplus nord

We need more nords

The information shared by the insider shows that there is a OnePlus phone powered by the Snapdragon 460 mobile platform. The chipset is referred to with the model number SM450. The source code also mentions other processors such as Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 765G – phones with these chipsets have already been released. The device, which is powered by Snapdragon 460, looks set to be the new OnePlus Nord phone .

If you believe what the facts tell us, we can assume that this year the company has really planned not just a OnePlus Nord smartphone, but also wants to release a whole series of devices under this name. These phones can offer users triple and dual rear cameras. The company may also release a smartphone with a Snapdragon 690 processor, codenamed Billie . It is supposed to be presented in two versions.

Дроп-тест OnePlus Nord показал, легко ли его сломать и поцарапать

Oneplus aurora

There's also a OnePlus Aurora phone with a Snapdragon 662 or Snapdragon 665 processor expected to launch in late September. It could be released in India. Perhaps it will even be released only for this country. Moreover, its price in India will range from 16,000 rupees (approximately 213 dollars or 15,800 rubles) to 18,000 rupees (approximately 240 dollars or 17,780 rubles).

The mysterious OnePlus phone, codenamed Clover, has been spotted on Geekbench with 4GB of RAM . It could be a phone with a Snapdragon 662 or Snapdragon 460 processor. However, it’s too early to say exactly when the new items will be released, and only time will put everything in its place, but it’s very interesting how the company will behave in this situation.

OnePlus Nord blue

This smartphone is good on its own, but we need a sequel.

It is also worth adding that the OnePlus 18W charger was recently approved by the TUV Rheinland certification platform. It's logical to assume that the upcoming low-cost OnePlus phones might come with this kind of charger. By the way, it can become an important feature of an inexpensive smartphone. Many manufacturers do not give even this, so OnePlus needs to somehow stand out from their background in order to attract more interest.

Why it is necessary to produce cheap smartphones

In fact, there are many devices in the low-cost segment that are trying to jump over their heads and offer users something in the style of flagships, but not very expensive. There is Samsung A51 , there is Poco, there is Realme and some other devices. This can even include the Google Pixel 4a and the second generation iPhone SE.

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Therefore, OnePlus will have a hard time, but this is the only way if the company wants to grow further. In the end, even Apple realized that it couldn't afford to trade only top-end, expensive devices. It worked for many years, but now we need to occupy much more modest niches. If OnePlus is really preparing relatively budget smartphones, of which there is almost no doubt, then this decision will play into its hands and the company will continue to grow. How much can tens of millions of smartphones be sold a year when industry leaders are selling hundreds of millions?

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