OnePlus launches the application Zen Mode for all of its devices through the Google Play

Revealed the OnePlus for the first time on the application of Zen Mode during the launch of the phones OnePlus 7 this year and this app is directed in general to help users organize their time and not waste it all on their smartphones, a move the content of OnePlus, Of course.

Today launched the OnePlus applied a wonderful store Google Play which will make the process of porting the application easier for users of the OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 Pro and will be using the owners of older phones to get the app too.

When I launched this feature for the first time with the phones this year were not available for phones OnePlus 5 OnePlus 6 which is still modern in terms of employment, except that the company has sent the water is already through the update for Android but to get it requires waiting for the update, and then update the entire phone and now it’s easier on the users since it is possible to get the water through the app.

If you have a OnePlus, so now download the application from here.

Source: AndroidPolice

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