OnePlus moving developers to create apps to benefit from 5G technology


Will start the launch of 5G this year, this explains why the many companies at Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain slide the curtain officially about its smart phones first compatible with the 5G. However, it is still not clear what benefits that will bring 5G technology coupled with the internet fast, this is the reason that the company OnePlus is hoping to be able to the developers to do something about it.

Thus, it has decided the company to launch a new challenge to call it the name of ” 5G Apps Of Tomorrow“, as the name suggests, the goal of this challenge is to encourage developers to create apps that can take advantage of 5G technology. According to the company OnePlus, it has stated by saying : ” gonna 5G to reshape how we imagine the future, which provides us limitless opportunities for innovation. It was always our community at the forefront of change – encouraging us to strive for the better and not rush never with anything else not talk “.

She added : ” We want to have our society the driving force behind the innovations 5G. Give five developers the chance to display what technology can 5G do for the world. All you have to do is submit your idea, and we will assist in turning the best into a reality. “ This is actually an interesting approach, which is similar to the Verizon company also lately.

In a way, this reminds us of what is currently happening in the smart phone sector, even if the smart phone features technical specifications great, but it lacks the new software, and find there won’t be a lot of uses for this phone. We’re not sure of the type of applications that will be developed as a result, but those interested in reaching the company’s website for details.

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