OnePlus OnePlus 6T freed from flaws, but is

In a time when all smartphone makers are chasing in order to make the scope of their devices less and less, it is not surprising to see that some companies have resorted to changing the size of the screen of the smartphone in advertising or on posters, to bring the customers the “wow-effect”. Remember the story with Lenovo Z5, when the General Director of the enterprise published in social network Weibo teaser for the upcoming smartphone? In the image, the device did not have the part and looked amazing. But, as it turned out, the company lied to users of heating, thus their interest in the presentation of their product. This time distinguished company OnePlus, which apparently cuts the frame 6T OnePlus is the smartphone.

As noted by the Twitter user, he noticed this ad in Instagram and found that pictures with a smartphone, something not so. In the picture you can see that the appearance of smartphone changed: “chin” on the bottom completely removed, and the black color around the excavation chamber is greatly reduced.

Apparently, someone from the marketing Department decided that people who see the ad, there will be a rush to buy a smartphone. But it’s not. A reasonable person will first go to the website, where, apparently, see real pictures of the device and, most likely, it will not disappoint the fact that the live smartphone looks a little different.

It should also be noted that this advertisement was discovered by users on YouTube, and this suggests that, most likely, advertising is extensive and in the future may also apply to other popular services. Of course, there was no damage to the OnePlus from this advertising will not receive, as people used to, that the Internet cannot always be trusted. Most likely, users will just ignore this fact and everything will remain the same as it was before this situation.

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According to the materials of Android Police

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