OnePlus publishes the annual report for 2017

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The company OnePlus posted a photo informed picture of the scheme of charges and data about the business in 2017, has doubled the company’s revenue to reach $ 1.4 billion with the growth of phone sales by 55% in comparison to 2016, the company sells its phones in 32 countries and supports 24 languages and was first in sales with Telecom Finland Elisa.

OnePlus publishes 2017 annual report

Owns the company OnePlus is about 776 spread over 18 States, has been providing more than 18 thousand cups of coffee, and worked more than 200,000 hours, but they managed to eat 268 pizza only 87 birthday cakes.

The Open Beta includes about 111, 000 to the level of the world, those who helped to solve the 1, 700 security hole as mentioned in the Annual Report of the company.

OnePlus publishes 2017 annual report 2


This theme OnePlus publishes the annual report for 2017 appeared on Engadget.

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