OnePlus pulls competitors in the smartphone market leader in India

OnePlus 6

Due to the fact that different countries have people with needs different, always different, budgets are different, there are reasons why some companies are able to thrive while some other companies. Take for example companies such as Nokia and BlackBerry, both of which continued to flourish in some markets after a long period of decline of its popularity in the United States.

It now appears that the company OnePlus excels on some of the most established companies in India such as Samsung and Apple. According to the latest statistics issued by the foundation Counterpoint Research is specialized in market research, it appears that the company OnePlus take up 40 percent of the market leading smartphones that cost 30 thousand crore or more in India during the second quarter of this year.

The report also reveals that OnePlus and Samsung and Apple has taken all of them on 88 percent of the market leading handsets and, although this sounds like a big number, this figure was reported in the original 95 percent, which confirms that the market shares of some companies, the aforementioned three are stolen by rival companies of China such as Huawei and Vivo, along with HMD Global Oy and LG.

The report says Counterpoint Research also OnePlus 6 is the best-selling smartphones in the high-end smartphone market in India, followed by the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 5T. He quoted Research Director of mobile devices and the Internet of things and systems in the company Counterpoint Research, Mr. Neil Shah said : ” the continued focus on smart phones leading the high-end and unprecedented with the community helped the company OnePlus to earn the trust of the user spreading brand awareness through Word of mouth “.


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