OnePlus step away from the smart phones a little and TV they own

ون بلس تبتعد عن الهواتف الذكية قليلًا وتطور تلفزيونها الخاص - OnePlus TV

Follow-up tech world and interested news about smart phones know OnePlus company well through its phones leading, and as the company launches every year a few copies of its phones due to the nature of its work, the mission of the transition to another area with the exception of the possibility of developing a smart watch.

But it seems that it appears differently from the perspective of the company, the executive director of my house if I revealed the company’s work on the development of TV in current time.

Published if in the middle of the company’s blog in which he says, “We want to take the home environment to another level of intelligence.” “For that, we develop building products the last design of the OnePlus, with experience, the image, the pioneer, Link House smoothly. And we can rename it for TV.”

Despite the lack of clarify a lot about the OnePlus TV, but it also seems the company will develop a smart TV as a platform to connect smart products in the home via the aid of audio often, to provide users with clarity of images, images of the watch and my house at once.

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