Oneplus the implementation of the Send data to the application clipboard China

In recent weeks, oneplus got involved in a lot of issues regarding privacy and security from accused the company of collecting users ‘ information without their knowledge and then hacked the site and credit cards for 40 thousand clients of piracy down to spend our day which also exposed privacy.

A new problem came about by Security researcher French who discovered the existence of one of the files the alien badword.txt within the application portfolio in phones oneplus where this file is to save important information that up to province such as numbers and bank accounts and sent to one of the servers in the China .

Oneplus responded directly through an official statement in which she confirmed that what just the jurisprudence of the claims of the false and the file is one of the files to your Rome HydrogenOS the Chinese market and possibly facing in the ROM OxygenOS world by mistake.

Oneplus has confirmed that this device, its task skip or filter out some data so as not to downloaded and is working in China and active in the Roman world and can send any data ever added to this file is available on the beta version and will not be addressed in the final version.


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