OnePlus will launch a phone in the medium category with the design and specifications of the special

When I started OnePlus in providing smart phones has been working to provide phones with excellent components and at the same time at a very low price! With time I chose this on a bit of the way they work, this is where the company began in the suitable smartphones directly to provide the specification of the leader, but this has resulted in higher prices for phones OnePlus significantly.OnePlus 8 Lite

OnePlus 8 Lite: OnePlus is expected for 2020

Today appeared the “Reynders” the phone OnePlus 8 Lite is a phone available expected from OnePlus for next year, which -most likely – will come to rival the series phones A the Samsung along with suitable phones available to the Chinese from Oppo were intravenous users and others.

The phone comes design is somewhat similar to reviews phones Galaxy A new phone Galaxy S11 the same as the leakage claims – where it comes with a front camera in the center of the screen with the rectangular rear houses the camera!

OnePlus 8 Lite

OnePlus 8 Lite

Specifications of OnePlus 8 Lite available

The phone may come with a screen measuring 6.4 inches which will come neatly FHD+ which is excellent accuracy for in the medium category in particular that most likely will provide support for 90Hz for the company in terms of translation and that while the phone will sensor ToF cameras, which is an excellent feature, of course.

Probably will come the phone with 6 GB of RAM and storage up T GB, but these points are still uncertain. In fact we have no accurate perception for the “average” of the OnePlus, which has the title “fatal place” for many years.. are we in front of the phone “Assassin class available” too? This will depend on the specifications and the price is definitely.

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