Onur may precede Shao my first camera 48 maps

Samsung and Sony revealed on camera 48 maps suitable for smartphones as early as 2018, and recently we started to hear about the first devices supporting this kind of cameras with high accuracy.

Telephone Onur view 20 decision announced officially on January 22, it will often be the same Onur V20 which will be held in China on 26 December. According to invitations to the official announcement, the phone will come with a camera 48 maps.

What we know about Onur view a 20? The leaks say that it will come to the same Design HUAWEI nova 4 where the screen accurately +FHD to ensure the hole camera the front, to buy the phone with Android System 9 comes with a processor Kirin 980, and license in China attach support fast charging capacity of 22.5 Watts.

It is also said that one of the rear cameras would be the sensor a time-of-flight to be at all what his perception of the camera the three dimensions as long as it was within the scope of 3 meters, which positively affects the quality of the sound and experience the reality of consolation.

This goes to the head of Shao detection for a phone with a camera 48 maps will be released next January. Claimed leak of a new day that the phone screen may be perforated also, what indicates that the 2019 year young flukes after 2018 in the protrusion of the screen (the notes).

It is said that Onur view 20 will use a Sony sensor IMX586, and rumors use phone Shawty sensor Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1.

The physical size of the sensor two relatively large about the size of a camera most phones also show the image of the phone Shawty. It is estimated that every Master able to capture images of 12 maps, where the pixel size of 1.6 µm, i.e. better on paper than Pixel 3 and iPhone XS, which yields two images of 12 maps the pixel size to the 1.4 µm, but the final result is available much on the software where Google and Apple.

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