Opening of the Hall Orange Jordan at the University of al-Hussein Technical

The president of the University of al-Hussein Technical Dr. Labib Khadra, chief executive for Orange Jordan Terry Marino, the Hall of Orange in the campus within a King Hussein Business -Oman.

The price of the greens during the opening ceremony which was attended by deans of faculties and senior staff members of Orange Jordan’s efforts to the company and her contributions in support of the University and the importance of the role of the private sector in the development of the educational sector in the kingdom.

Greens added that this cooperation is the nucleus of a real consultation, participatory community will stimulate positive results in the success of the process of aligning educational outcomes with the requirements of the labor market and the rehabilitation of university students and to raise their efficiency.

And across the marina on the extent of his happiness with this cooperation with the University of al-Hussein Technical, and emphasized the pride in the accession of the university to the list of universities which are supported by the police, stressing on the keenness of Orange Jordan’s Permanent Representative to support youth and promote their role by providing them with the necessary means for the advancement of their communities, contributing to social and economic development of the kingdom in the future, and pave the way for innovative and creative thinking. Stating that the company collected several partnerships with many universities and educational institutions to enable and support the youth and their ambitions.

Is considered قاعةOrange Jordan Hall student multi-purpose, fully equipped to include all services, which meet the needs of university students and their school life, in order to implement the agreement signed in advance between the company and the University which became Orange Jordan under which the communications provider exclusive of the University.

And Orange Jordan through its social responsibility emanating from its five-year strategy “Essentials 2020”, for its role in the different service sectors and community groups, focusing on the educational sector in order to bridge the gap between the outputs of the academic requirements of the current labour market, which will lead to providing the kingdom with more efficiency and individuals producers who will be contributing to the progress and development of people economically and socially.

Considers the University of al-Hussein Technical and founded by the foundation to crown the latest University of technology Jordanian awarded associate degree and Bachelor’s degree in the disciplines of engineering and computer science and focus on practical application and networking with real industry and business .

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