Opening of the new server in the game Wrath of the pirate in April 2018

Fan of the game Angry pirates, the opportunity to freeze to usher in a great challenge and fierce competition around the world, where they will be opening a new server ensures everyone’s participation, the details with us in today’s article.

افتتاح سيرفر جديد في لعبة غضب القراصنة في أبريل عام 2018

Opening of the new server in the game Wrath of the pirate in April 2018

Will be opening the server to a newworld destruction” for the game Wrath of the pirate in April the year 2018, and as everyone knows, the game Wrath of the pirate game adventure freely designed specifically for the work, was launched officially in the year 2013, the It has been widely welcomed of the by the majority of players.

 Of agel thanks to all the players to spend the most beautiful times in this game, especially the players: AbuTurki_1, the TURKi, the Max Trax_1, and , uh, in, in CLAW_5, NightMare, and thirst are, and GOLD_3, the one, the xالچوگرx, goblet, WarMheArt, the KABOOS, the ALGAREEB, and LOFFY, the MiDniGht, the south, the SaW™, ReD UAE, and content destruction.

All of those advancing them to the developer of the game company, in return for their support wonderful during all stages of the wrath of pirates, now we decided to open the server again in April the year 2018. Were quick to join the server is new, many of the awards ( the scheme of the ship Revenge of Queen Anna, mysterious treasures ) bouquets franchise free Sunday Warm waiting for you…

A new world, a new environment… who will be the legend? I was seeing a legend: the man, the captain, don’t take it the privateers of mercy and compassion sought in his way to bloody revenge, had torn homeland and hard, sinking the fleet in deep-sea anonymous …… It’s time to start a new, their time has come to pay the price, if you want to be this myth, quickly engaged with us to be your legend !

For more details or support, you can communicate with the developer:

Via e-mail:

Abdul’s Facebook page:

Download the game “rage hacker”

Convenience :

  • Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch, iPad, and Android devices
  • Operating system appropriate: iOS 5.1.1 or above or Android 4.0 and above.
  • Size devices Apple: 138.3 MB
  • Size Android devices : by device .

Download for Apple :

Developer : NetDragon Websoft Inc

Price : free

  Click here to download

Download for Android devices :

Developer : Netdragon Websoft Inc

Price : free

  Click here to download

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