Opera browser on Android gets put lily and new features

Is browser Opera is a great option for those who do not like using Chrome or Firefox, and the developer of the browser to add more features that should be enough to attract new users.

And brings a new update for the browser on the Android operating system which carries the version number of the 46 new features such as themes and night mode to help you read and at night, and notices related to the tabs, and support for survey codes QR code, in addition to some other features.

If you wish to become your browser more colorful with the possibility to change them from time to time, you’ll get this with themes the Opera browser, you can now choose between themes growing and all you have to do is go to Settings to choose a theme, and you have now also put a new nightclub to be able to help your eyes to rest a bit when reading in the dark, and you can also access this mode easily from the main menu.

If you use tabs for private, you are now a small Ghost in the notification drawer to remind you that you still have some open windows, and when clicked, will close all private tabs. As it has become now easy to copy the web address or paste it on your browser so that you only have to click once from the address bar, and you also scanner codes QR when you click on the icon in the left side of the title bar.

Will be able to now also turn off search suggestions blockbuster if you prefer not to see it when looking for something. You can update the application Opera browser for Android to the latest version available in the store Google Play to enjoy all these new features.

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