Opera launches web browser for games with unique advantages

Revealed company Opera today Tuesday (opera JX) du GX, which is a special version of the Opera web browser of them; specifically targeted to fans of the games.

The company said the Norwegian in a publication on her blog: The (Opera JX) allows players to control using the memory and processor in their computers to make the play and broadcast games smoothest. Come broadcast service famous games (Twitter) Twitch a compact with him.

Added Oprah: “today we would like to invite you to experience something totally new. The ‘Opera ji X’ is the version of the browser Opera set in particular, with new features and unique, the design is dedicated to people who love computer games”.

The company said: she opened the program to get the initial browser for users of the Windows operating system, which means that users can download and experience browser as of today in order to improve it, that is the launch of the final version of the browser later this current year.

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With regard to the benefits browser (Opera JX), the company said: the control panel allows users to select the amount of random access memory (RAM) and the processor used with the possibility of increase or decrease.

And because many people are using the service (Twitter) to broadcast their games, it has merged the company this service in the browser, where users can access the service directly from the sidebar of your browser, as they will receive a notice immediately after the start of follow them broadcast games.

Said Opera: the browser’s home page contains shortcuts for the most popular apps among players, including: YouTube, Reddit, and(Discord) Discord. It also offers a browser feature known as (the angle G X) GX Corner, where the users find gaming news of the month sites.

The browser (Opera JX) design, and sound effects-styled platform gaming, providing the design of a dark color with the icons and the edges in red, the midwife to change to 10 different colors. As the browser comes with backgrounds customized to suit the design of the browser.

Besides the more unique, try the new browser on the advantages Opera browser, including: VPN (Virtual Private Network) VPN, and sidebar, which facilitates access to messaging apps, in addition to support extensions, and built-in ads.

This; and download the browser (Opera JX) new here for users of Windows operating system.


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