Operating experience Samsung Galaxy S9+

Today will not be the usual review of the smartphone in which I tell the bare facts about the device. Read the specifications of the device and on the manufacturer’s website, but as for me, this is not enough to decide if it is suitable for my needs. So I came up with for Galaxy S9+ some real examples of use and describe how it can be useful to them.

In each of its flagship company Samsung tries to implement some innovative solutions. This variety of sensors, and Edge display, and support for a docking station, and dual camera. But all these features are useful in daily use — that was the main issue.

To begin with, how Galaxy S9+ can be helpful. Samsung continues to develop the idea of the docking station Dex, which allows you to make mobile full-fledged workstation. Sam already talked in detail about the dock Dex in one of his videos, which showed how you can work with documents, spreadsheets, and email. I also tried to use Galaxy S9+ in this mode, and it turned out that the smartphone could replace the laptop at work. Of course, this case is ideal for those who need only a browser and instant messengers. But I note that it works in this mode quite well and the main plus – you don’t need to carry a laptop constantly. Came to work, put Galaxy S9+ in the dock and you’re done. By the way, some users in social networks wrote that also work and they are satisfied.

Another useful feature that is useful for work is a protected folder. Now all turned to the security of personal data, and Samsung has this Knox system, which protects Security Folder. In the folder you can save any sensitive data, and access to them will have only you. And even if the phone is lost or something happens, all of your photos, passwords, credit cards and even social networks will be in a secure place.

I should also mention the branded app Samsung Calendar, and Contacts. I usually use the standard programs from Google, but after some time the alternative from Samsung, I realized that first there was still room to grow. For example, the Calendar displays more useful information on the main screen, and the whole app is quite thoughtful and comfortable.

We now turn to the sporting possibilities Galaxy S9+, which the manufacturer often emphasizes. The smartphone is protected according to IP68 standard, so it is not afraid of sudden rain during a workout. During the test I used the standard app Samsung Health. It is quite convenient and offers a good set of features. Thanks to the built-in smartphone sensors, the application can calculate the number of steps per day, measuring the distance during Jogging exercises and Cycling training, and also measure the heart rate and even stress levels. In the initial setup, you enter your height, weight, etc., and the app selects the appropriate options to keep the body in good shape. Later it displays detailed statistics and dynamics for a selected period and offers a full training program.

By the way, if you yourself are boring to practice, then the application has a section Together where you can add friends and together with them to set goals and compete. Another plus for athletes – supports a large number of fitness trackers and smart watches that can be conveniently viewed on the smartphone screen. And if you have a sports gadget from Samsung, based on personal experience, I would say that they connecteda with a smartphone is a lot easier than other Android devices.

Go on to talk about cameras Galaxy S9+. We have a channel Kaddr already have a detailed overview of camera Galaxy S9+, and Sasha Lyapota even did a separate comparison with several flagships, so fotosmoralo of this smartphone we have studied well. It is one thing to take a few pictures to let’s say “lab”, and the other is the smartphone in daily life.

And here I should note that Samsung went to great lengths on his ON for the camera. The Galaxy S9+ make great pictures both day and night. Even if you do not mind and do not use manual settings and shoot in automatic mode. But if you like to experiment – in the camera app there are many software modes, using which you will be able to pull the maximum out of the scene.

With daily use the camera Galaxy S9+ a decent team in a variety of conditions. Adjustable lens aperture allows you to achieve interesting results. Open aperture helps when shooting at night and in low light, but if you close the aperture, you can Supplement your pictures with beautiful reflections from light sources. Using live focus you can achieve interesting results with the background blur and super slow-mo 960 fps allows you to take spectacular video. Another thing is camera virtual assistant Bixby, which can be used instantly to text translation, convert currencies or to find interesting places nearby.

Interestingly enough Samsung has implemented a split-screen mode in Galaxy S9+. By itself, it works, as in other smartphones: the screen can display two applications, and you can adjust how much space each of them. But, if you often use two apps at the same time, you can make a preset, it’s called AppPair. It is called by clicking on the appropriate shortcut on the desktop. I have such an option comfortable to use in the evening when I was preparing to eat: in one window I have the recipe, and in the second YouTube or correspondence with anyone. Well, Bixby helped me to choose the wine for dinner. Actually, the assistant is not very useful in our region, but the wine label scanner app.

And for dessert – gaming S9+. Test I spent not only playing on the smartphone, but at the same time zatestit Dex Pad and Gear VR.

Let me remind you, the Galaxy S9+ set top chipset Exynos 9810, 6 GB of RAM and a 6.2” superAMOLED display with a resolution of Quad HD+ aspect ratio 18.5:9. Performance issues in games had absolutely no, and severe overheating of the smartphone I didn’t notice.

For real professional mobile provides gamers a special game launcher. It is possible to enable maximum performance to get the most smooth and the picture quality in games. Directly in the game has access to special game settings where you can disable notifications to not disturb you during games, to record a screencast and customize the behavior of aftertaste. In General, it can be set up so that nothing distracts from the very important rinks in PUBG or Clash of Clans.

If you feel more comfortable using the mouse and keyboard, they can easily be connected to the Galaxy S9+ with a docking station Dex Pad. In this mode the image can be displayed on the external screen. In addition, you can connect external speakers if desired, although the built-in stereo speakers from AKG are pretty good quality and allow even without headphones to understand clearly which side you to sneak up to the enemy.

And for the effect of total immersion, you can use a virtual reality helmet Gear VR, and even with the game controller. It is compatible with Galaxy S9+ and allows you to enjoy the benefits of VR. As a software shell use Oculus Home, which you can travel across the galaxy to explore, for example, on a roller coaster, furiously shouting, playing in a horror movie, and much more. In the app store there are many different applications and games, so finding something suitable without problems.

Thus, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is such a universal soldier, which can be useful in different cases of use. During testing we liked the stability of the device was not points to the smartphone as something unexpected behaved. As for extra features, it is unlikely you will use them all at once, but their existence may lead to new uses of the smartphone.

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