Operating system iOS 13 now displays a map of the places that track your applications

Continued Apple’s focus on privacy by announcing iOS 13 this week. The update includes several privacy features, including a way more detailed view of how apps use your location in the background.

As you can see in the screen shots here, the iOS system 13 provides a pop-up notification when the application is used what is your position in the background. Notification also map data website that keeps track of its specific application. You know screen shots also location data that is tracked by the application of Tesla in addition to the application Apple Store.

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iOS 13 now shows a map of where apps have been tracking you

It provides notice also the reason behind the access to your location by the application.

Tell Apple you’ll get the windows pop-up rotating like this in the iOS operating system 13, which gives you the option to continue to grant access to your location in the background by a particular application, or change it to “only during use”. Also there is a new option to allow the app to access location “only once”, rather than having to grant continuous access when using the app or access the constant in the background.

The longer the option to “allow once” license temporarily, with claims the application again in the next time that you open it.

Ideally, you’ll find the notifications pop-up reminders with the map, users more aware of the number of times tracking app to them in the background.

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