Operating system with Huawei will carry the name Ark OS

After many conflicting reports throughout the past two weeks for your operating system can do is have the police step on the ground to prove their seriousness in this topic.

One of the reports contained in the amplitude of the financial stresses that Huawei requested from the Office of the European Union Intellectual Property Rights registration of the following trademarks: Huawei Ark OS and Huawei’s Ark and Ark and Ark OS within the brand by Huawei.

This step allude directly to the name of the operating system next, especially with a short OS in the end as this system is a variant associated to the Android system on smartphones for the Chinese company.

With the exception of the confirmation it’s working on a new operating system for smartphones did not know Huawei on any steps again, not even a time frame for the launch system but is expected to remain the company with the Android system and open up a new line for the new system to be developed individually until it becomes mature enough.


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