#Opinion: Apple did not suffer greatly because of the U.S. war with Huawei

A few days ago, the US Congress opposed the licensing of Google’s Android OS for smartphones Huawei. The reason for the conflict Huawei and the US government was a strong connection of the producer with the Communist party of China, as well as possible attempts by Huawei as the main provider of telecommunication equipment for defense enterprises USA, to organize the surveillance of senior officials of the country. The response from China has not arrived, but many started to say that first and foremost they can touch Apple.

How? For anybody not a secret that the main production Apple located in China — Foxconn, Pegatron, TSMC and others. In theory, the authorities could forbid the Corporation to collect their devices, but… actually it’s not really a Chinese company. Their headquarters are located in Taiwan (150 kilometres from the mainland of China), which are controlled by the partially recognized the Republic of China. Although China continually claims to the island, Taiwan could not submit to her decisions.

It turns out Apple for the Assembly not so “Chinese” as it might seem at first glance. The company has protected itself just in case the trade relations of China and the United States will severely worsen.

Certainly, Apple is highly dependent on collectors their devices to only remember the shortages of the new iMac due to problems with the supply of components for these computers. But suppliers, in turn, is also sensitive to everything that is happening with the “Apple” of the Corporation: reduction in orders causes a proportional decrease in profit. Therefore, a successful financial report, Apple is interested not only its shareholders, but also of many partners.

Yes, many of the factories are located in mainland China, but do not forget that Foxconn and other giants create tens of thousands of jobs (including for ordinary Chinese), and if the company will cease to operate with the Apple, she will have to dismiss them. The maximum that can make China — to restrict iPhone sales in the country.

And Huawei, to know what can cause the development of the conflict with the US authorities, decided to develop its own operating system. According to rumors, proprietary platform manufacturer will be called “Hongmeng”, not Kirin OS after the processor. The latest development will differ by higher productivity and optimization.

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