Opinion: How to improve iPhone keyboard

When creating the original iPhone, Apple has paid great attention to the built-in keyboard of your smartphone. For 2007 it was, without exaggeration, a real breakthrough. The implementation of the idea was so successful that the keyboard is almost not changed for 12 years. However, now the iPhone keyboard can not be called perfect – it has many problems and shortcomings that, in my opinion, needs to be fixed in iOS 13.

Auto correct words

I have the impression that the algorithm of prediction and correction of words every year becomes worse.

Though the presentations of the Apple and we hear the beautiful phrase about artificial intelligence and machine learning — all this seems to be just dust in the eyes. To change initially correct written word — in order. To say nothing about the slang in these cases it is necessary to enter the same word dozens of times — until the operating system won’t make it to your dictionary.

This is extremely inconvenient. Perhaps this is the first option, which I disable during the initial setup of the iPhone. And Apple definitely have something to do with it.


Apple has long ignored a very convenient way of entering information. Typing using swipe there is many third party keyboards. But they are impossible to use due to glitches and other flaws.

If Apple does implement this option, it will definitely win. Besides the fact that the built-in keyboard is fast, that and the fact that the personal data and other confidential information will be completely safe.


Button to switch the language to select Emoji. Perhaps Apple has no idea how much this issue is critical — after all, the US used only one layout and, in fact, the button for switching language is for Americans, click Emoji.

In my opinion, companies should reconsider this point mandatory. This is extremely inconvenient — what prevents to place a separate button next to dictation?

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