Opinion: let’s take a moment to celebrate Samsung for not riding the waves bump the screen

If you want my opinion, there are a lot of criticisms that can be leveled to Samsung: the considerable delay in sending updates, the fact of the heavy (though has become better in recent versions), and crammed as much as possible of the features you won’t use most of them, policies and marketing of the controversial, etc.

In contrast there is certainly what you can respect the police for, they are the first to bet that phones with large screens will cover the markets in the time that it was betting steve jobs that no one will buy a phone that big. It is the first to develop the ideas scrambled in after Google and Apple to adopt features like multi window.

But in particular, let’s stop to celebrate Samsung not to ride her wave of tea-extrusion. An important location of police if we take the view the following into account: I became a jag (theme) in smart phones, although not accept the idea of extrusion, but this does not prevent that it has become somehow an attribute desirable to have cut a wide range of users especially after the adoption of the Apple TV idea, because the extrusion gives the impression of years the user has not the expert with the technology (i.e. most customers) that the Council purchase a phone screen with the bump he gets on (the latest), and (the best) Maverick market of technology.

Samsung, like other companies have an interest in riding such a wave, even from the door of the marketing prayers only. But the company decided to take a rational position which it is already able to produce screens of dialogue is very tight, so why extrusion that covers the weird and disproportionate part of the picture?

We can be sure that Samsung will not ride the Wave, now we are at the gates of the launch of the Galaxy Note9 the company released an ad making fun of the extrusion in the iPhone X. Although the company previously recorded a patent for the tail bump, but we know that the corporate registration of all types of patents and used them only a little.

The idea of extrusion came mainly to take advantage as much as possible of the area of the screen that shows the extrusion to contain what can’t be dispensed from a camera and sensors. But in contrast, the modern technologies providing manufacturing-screen dialogue is extremely slim without that occurrence which adversely affects, in my opinion, and the opinion of many – on the photo.

Samsung decided to think logically and to catch up with fashion and is fixed on its position by what it looks like. This is a point calculated for the company.

Do you agree?

The post opinion: let’s take a moment to celebrate Samsung for not riding the waves bump the screen was first deployed in the are.

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