Opinion: Samsung of the blue increased the price of Galaxy Fold, although he could not do

Galaxy Fold was and could be cheaper than the stated $ 2000, if Samsung weren’t so blinded by the expectation of success. Still, the first commercial truly foldable smartphone – how can you not be stretched out in anticipation. But to reduce the price of Galaxy Fold, Koreans would not have to exert absolutely no effort. On the contrary, they are even required to do less than was done. Then the device, despite its inconsistency, could be a little bit more attractive.

I’m talking about the package Galaxy Fold. If you haven’t seen what he looks like, look at the images below. It’s something. Obviously, in order to emphasize the premium nature of a folding smartphone, decided to pack it in a huge box from a dense cardboard with embossing and magnets.

Well, as so not to admire? That’s just remember that he paid you. But you can do everything is much more modest — not necessarily for economy, but simply because the ostentatious wealth of today is clearly not honored. In my opinion, it would be much better than Samsung, limited to a small box in the style of Galaxy S10.

The bundled headphones are not needed

But I was most struck by the presence in the package of Galaxy Galaxy Fold wireless headphones Buds. Why are they, tell me?

No, I understand that the Galaxy Fold – a device whose level is slightly higher than the level of the Galaxy S10. But it’s not cheap headphones that only increase the cost of the main product. But it is now quite high. Absolutely no reason to wind her up even more.

Or do you think that people who bought Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy will take Buds as a gift? The times when he was alive the belief in something for free are long gone. Personally, I have the presence of headphones in the box with the phone, the more expensive, and is associated with the desire of the manufacturer on the sly to load me his technique, which I, in General, and not needed. If I want to buy headphones, do it yourself, only in this case I have a choice, whereas Samsung deprives me of it, though for my money.

Probably someone will say that the lack of Buds Galaxy complete Galaxy Fold not greatly affect the price of the smartphone. But I believe that a discount of fifteen hundred dollars, which Samsung estimates its headphones would be a good tool for those who want to purchase a foldable smartphone. After all, if I have the money to buy such a device, it does not mean that the manufacturer needs to hang on me all the trash that got in its range.

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