Opinion: the New iPod Touch is a complete failure

Earlier this year, the Network appeared rumorsthat Apple is going to revive the iPod Touch. To these insights I was very very skeptical and found it difficult to believe that the company will decide to bring to market obsolete device. Moreover, the last time the iPod Touch was updated in 2015 – even then, this format seemed to be a relic of the past. But it seems Apple has their opinion on this matter.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the company announced the new generation iPod Touch. I would like to call this gadget a logical and natural development of the line of legendary players. However, it is not so — the novelty has turned to be the most controversial. But about all under the order.

The old design

Apple has had four years to refresh the appearance of your player. The company was able to develop new and exciting design, and to please longtime fans and fans of the iPod. But no player is invited in the same old building, which was first shown to the users in far 2012.

Apple didn’t integrate a fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the Home button, not to mention the introduction of such technologies as Face ID, 3D Touch and the True Tone. Other times it seems that Apple simply has no respect for their loyal followers.

Small screen

The new iPod Touch is marketed as a gaming gadget — it looks logical, given that the global release of Apple Arcade around the corner. But seriously, a 4-inch display?
Of course, to play on such a small screen, another thing that is uncomfortable and quite strange. For content consumption and web surfing device is also not suitable — the size of the screen also don’t allow you to do it from the comfort. The only use — listen to music, but there are nuances.

The sound quality

The output of the iPod Touch though as that could be justified if Apple added the gadget to the dedicated audio chip with high quality “rail”. Of course, to compete with solutions for audiophiles not easy, however, to provide a decent sound is necessary — it’s the iPod, in the broadest sense of the word. Alas, all this is not in sight. The only advantage that can be identified — the presence of the headphone connector.

Interestingly, the company even provides the special conditions of Apple’s subscription Music for iPod Touch owners. What kind of musical direction can there be a speech?


The novelty has a fairly powerful processor A10 Fusion (exactly the same as the iPhone 7/7 Plus). But the company did not disclose the amount of RAM, but considering the low price (by the standards of the rest of Apple products), in Cupertino could well save money on parts and keep the old RAM. If this is true, this component could become the bottleneck of the gadget and the OS simply will not reveal all the capabilities of the processor. Let’s hope that the worst expectations are not justified.


As expected, the iPod Touch has not received an updated camera that uses the same modules as its predecessor:

  • The main iSight camera resolution of 8 megapixels and aperture f/2.4.
  • Front camera with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and a diaphragm f/2,2.

In other words, there are lenses 2012. Exactly the same camera, at the time got the iPhone 5.

The cost

And finally, the icing on the cake — the cost of the device. For the minimum configuration drive 32GB have to give 18990 rubles. Version with 128 GB worth 28190 rubles, and the model with 256 GB is offered already 37390 rubles. It is very unlikely that the iPod Touch will be popular in Russia, when so many decent alternatives (even in the form of smartphones). We don’t know what Apple expects.

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