#Opinion: What happens to iTunes?

If apps from the App Store last year was the most successful for all history of existence of the store, the online music market it was not so pleasant. In 2017, revenues from sales of musical compositions in the Internet fell from $ 1.3 billion to 1.24 billion dollars in the United States. Users were much less likely to purchase music in the iTunes Store, but what is the reason?

Many blame the services of online music, which give users access to unlimited collection of songs for a monthly fee. In fact the listener is not the owner of this music, and takes her “rent”. Such apps are very popular in the USA and in Europe (Pandora, Spotify), and of Russian users began to show interest in them with the advent of the Apple Music and “Yandex.Music.”

Nevertheless, analysts Asymco has an opinion on this. Perhaps to seek the reason for the decline in music sales on the Internet have a completely different region. In this case, there is clearly a relationship between online music and apps from the App Store.

What is this connection? The thing in the limited free time of most iPhone and iPad users. In other words, the more often we run the application on smartphones or tablets (particularly games), the less time we have left on other activities — for example, listening to music. A specific time-budget is a more significant constraint for the buyers than the prescribed spending plan. Therefore, to capture the free time of a consumer is much more important than to empty his wallet.

Most surprisingly, the application fails to act on two fronts. Take the usual game strategy: it not only attracts to its “network” unsuspecting players, but subsequently drains from their money through in-app purchases.

And if the comparison of applications from online music may seem far-fetched, in respect of other ways to spend time, it really works. Choose a child to watch TV or play your favorite game on the iPad? To surfing or “pump” your elf to the 50th level?

And do you think there is a connection between the popularity of applications and selling music in the iTunes Store? Or still all the fault of the streaming services? Please share your opinion in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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