Opinion: Why Apple should abandon iTunes

In 2001, Apple first released iTunes. Really popular the program was only in the days of the iPod, but now its existence has no more meaning. All necessary functions have long migrated to cloud services, including such important as backups and updates. As for Apple Music, you can always make a separate application.

Regardless of platform, iTunes is the real overwhelmed by the mediacompany. There are a huge number of unnecessary functions. The elements of the interface is confusing and illogical, which is to find the option you need is sometimes difficult. For some unknown, and known only to Apple reason, the app allows you to search only the library and the store iTunes Store. This approach raises certain questions.

In the yard in 2019, and it seems that now is the perfect time to say goodbye to iTunes. And with those unclaimed functions, which dragged this app. Let’s take a look for yourself.

  • Apple Music. This is perhaps one of the few reasons why iTunes is still showing signs of life. It is clear that the company it is time to develop a standalone application for macOS and Windows. A good example is the player Musish. Despite the fact that this is a web version of Apple Music, in my opinion, this should be the official app for desktop operating systems. Fast, logical, clear.
  • Managing iOS devices, backup, installing a new version. Of course, users should always have a handy tool to restore your device if something goes wrong. This option, because of its high demand, could get the application in a separate app for Apple Music.
  • The iTunes store. Alas, but the traditional digital distribution services are gradually disappearing. In their place comes streaming audio and video platform. Completely abandon the iTunes Store will be too radical, however, the option can be completely outside the application.

The picture is completed and still ongoing problems with the local media, playlists, duplicate songs. It’s time to end this.

What do you think? Whether Apple completely abandon iTunes? Leave your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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