#Opinion: Why smartphone sales are falling

Increasingly, in the Internet you can find disputes concerning the future of smartphones in 2019. It is obvious to many that the market is in free fall, and this fall continue in the future with the advent of new technologies. For example, 5G-device from Samsung will cost around $ 1,500, which will significantly affect its sales more in the negative direction. But only if the price is the reason of falling of interest of consumers to smartphones?

The main reason is the lack of upgrades to the software

Let’s look at what was the first version of Android, and how Android is now:

Has anything changed? We have all the same desktops with application icons, the same menu applications anywhere has not got to the curtain with notifications and quick settings. The customizations themselves are also very similar to what is seen by consumers 5-10 years ago.

What a significant has to offer modern. And nothing. This, in my opinion, the problem where users refuse to buy new products. Android has not changed dramatically since its introduction in the market. This is true and iOS.

A few days ago I managed to borrow so popular Pocophone F1. Yes, technically, no questions for him, it’s powerful and cheap smartphone. But what about the software? In front of me all the same Android with no features, everything is the same grid with the application you can continue for long.

Google, Apple and other manufacturers need to understand that the determining factor is not the hardware but software

Why you need a phone for 70-100 thousand rubles, if the device is a 5-year-old offers a nearly identical experience to use the software?

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