Opinion: why the upgrade changes the entire iOS Safari for the best

Night theme, the updated maps app and the search function of the device without connecting to the Internet has become one of the most discussed innovations of iOS 13. Most users did not expect that in Cupertino would ever dare to implement these functions. However, the most significant changes, in my opinion, happened with the Safari browser, which has suddenly got a bonmost of the features of the desktop version. Understand why it is good and how will it affect the experience.

Despite the fact that the innovations about which speech will go today, not so much, they were enough to bring the web browsing on the iPhone and iPad, which although works on the basis iPadOS, has an identical feature set to a qualitatively new level.

Download Manager

With the advent of built-in download Manager in mobile Safari, users can download files from the Internet directly into the memory of the iPhone and iPad in order to work with them directly. This can be files of any format and music tracks to the application components and complete image upgrades without size limitations.

Another benefit of the updated Safari is that download data from the Internet runs in the background. This means that you don’t have to keep the browser open to keep downloading, just like on the desktop version.

Configure the sites separately

IOS 13 users will be able to manually configure each site individually thanks to the wide range of parameters. Now you can get them to open only in desktop or only on mobile, to permanently disable ad blocking for just one site, to customize the display in read mode, and to select the features of your smartphone open the web page may have access. This not only makes the Safari more than a personal tool, but also more secure.

Keeping tabs in folders

Probably, everyone faced with the need to save multiple tabs on the same topic, and then to open them all at once. However, before the release of iOS Safari 13 were allowed to save and open tabs strictly one. Now you will be able to distribute the tab through folders, thus grouping links on specific topics. It megadome, given that in Safari preferences you can set and even automatically closes all tabs after a certain time.

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Safari is a key tool by which we interact with the Internet. However, the enhanced functionality of the browser has not only affected the usability of the network, but also on the operating experience of the operating system as a whole, which has become more open. In fact, Safari on iOS does iPhone 13 full work device, giving users the best multitasking and full-fledged work with files, which previously could only dream of.

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