Opinion: Why you should no longer strive to purchase an Android flagship

In the view of most consumers buying a flagship smartphone running Android is a kind of investment in your peace of mind for the next few years. Such devices are slowly becoming obsolete, delighting their owners a high level of performance, almost always guarantee a stable output software updates, and more liquid on the secondary market. But in my opinion, today the purchase of the flagship has much less meaning and practical use than previously. Why – I will explain.


The most common misconception stems from the price of the flagship smartphone. Many people believe that, the more expensive the unit is today, the more money they can gain from its sale on the secondary market. But it depends on what to compare. Buying conditional Galaxy S10 50 thousand rubles, a year of extremely careful use, you almost certainly will not sell it more expensive than 30 thousand rubles. In the end, who wants to pay more for the device, if it can be bought retail for only 35 thousand?


The times when the breakthrough developments was only used in the flagship smartphones, gone. Manufacturers have realized that it is easier to experiment a bit more affordable devices as they are less likely to raise hell, calling himself paid beta testers. Take the same Galaxy Galaxy A9 and A8s which have received the flagship chips (quadruple camera and display island excavation, respectively) for a few months before the release of the flagship Galaxy S10 with a much more affordable price.


Updates, about which so wants to most users — at least questionable reason to spend on the flagship of the two wages of the average Russian. I have already explainedthat software updates, even those that contain new features, is overrated. Almost all the innovations, which include updates, you can get by installing third-party software. Game mode, night theme, Digital Wellbeing – all this has long been in Google Play, and, moreover, absolutely free.

Well, if you can’t convince yourself, you can pay attention to the smartphone manufacturers that offer equally long period of updates not only for flagships but for the public sector. What is Nokia promised update to Android 9 Pie all the smartphones that it has released to date, but still made it before the vast majority of competitors.


Contrary to popular belief, flagship smartphones go out of date faster available. This is because they are always in sight. While the flagship relevant manufacturers and retailers advertise it in every way possible, talking about its capabilities. But it is necessary to market his successor, as once a top gadget permanently disappears from the spotlight. Look at iPhone owners, which after the new models go like down and dream about how to get it. But if you buy conventional Nokia 7 Plus, or a week or a year you feel that you are the owner of “pumpkin”, after the exit of Nokia 7.1 or 8 Plus. Psychology is a delicate matter.

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