Opinion: Why you should not buy the iMac with HDD

Many users when choosing potential computer prefer monoblocks Apple. Great quality screen with high resolution, excellent performance and relatively compact body. All this together makes the iMac a great choice for almost everyone. But the monoblocks Apple has one very significant drawback. About it we will talk today.

The fact that Apple has long used solid-state drives virtually all of their consumer computers — MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. But for some reason, the company still supplies the line iMac slow hard drives with a spindle rotation speed of 5,400 RPM.

Needless to say that such storage does not correspond to modern requirements. Run even simple programs may take a few seconds, but if we are talking about a specialized heavy, you can safely leave your computer and go to drink tea or coffee.

I have had experience in the basic version of the iMac with HDD. Briefly, so that you have a rough idea:

  • Download macOS Mojave — 1.5 minutes
  • Launch Google Chrome — 5-8 seconds
  • Launch Finder 2 seconds
  • Launch Adobe Photoshop or other Adobe products from 30 to 50 seconds (!)
  • Starts Word from the package Microsoft Office — 15-20 seconds

It’s safe to say that the purchase of the initial configuration of the iMac is the easiest way to spoil the whole impression from the purchase of a computer. And this despite the fact that it costs a minimum of 90 thousand rubles.

Hard drive just does not reveal the potential of a powerful Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and fast discrete graphics card Radeon Pro. It, again, is about the basic and daily tasks. It is clear that once the app is loaded into RAM, any performance issues is not in sight.

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From here a reasonable question arises: why Apple, in 2019, offers iMac so slow (albeit large) drive?

Considering how decreased the cost of solid state media over the past few years, it looks at least very strange. Already you can buy an SSD with a volume of 1 TB for minimum money ($150). And it’s not talking about the drives with smaller size. Is it really a banal desire to save on components?

Many people quite rightly say — in the Configurator on the official website, you can use SSD. Yes, it is. But, first, this option adds at least +15 thousand to the cost of the computer (256 GB), and secondly this is an additional expectation. And many need a computer here and now.

All of the above is equally true for the hybrid Fusion Drive. Despite the presence of SSD, its volume is quite small and with time the OS will run just as slow as on a regular hard drives.

However, the way out for owners of iMac with a HDD is still there. To replace the hard drive, of course, but you can buy an external SSD and put macOS. But this, again, know far not all users. And Apple products always choice for those who want to get a device that works great out of the box. But in this example we see clearly that it is not.

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