Opinions of scientists about the “alien” origin Omwamwi divided

Just recently, scientific paper authored by two scientists from Harvard University made some noise: they said that the cigar-shaped stone flying through our Solar system, may be sent by aliens. Scientists have noted that it is “exotic scenario”, but “Omwamwi can be fully functional by the probe sent to Earth by aliens”.

Omoloi, the first known interstellar object that entered our Solar system, accelerates away from the Sun faster than expected, so any assumption that it is pushing an artificial sail, solar lights — light the sail.

But not all experts in the field of astronomy agree with this assumption.

The messenger of aliens?

“Like most scientists, I would love to hear convincing evidence of the existence of alien life, but this is not the case,” says Alan Fitzsimmons, an astrophysicist at the University of Queens in Belfast.

Katie Mack, a famous astrophysicist from North Carolina, doesn’t believe in the hype about aliens.

“We need to understand the following: scientists are ready to publish earth-shattering idea, if there is at least a tiny chance that it could be true,” she wrote on Twitter.

AVI Loeb, Chairman of the Department of astronomy at Harvard, says we may never know more about this mysterious object, because he has flown away and will never come back.

“It is impossible to determine the origin Omwamwi in the absence of more data,” he says.

The work of scientists was accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters and will appear on November 12.

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