Oppo confirm some details before the live show provide camera bottom of the screen tomorrow

Held company Oppo tomorrow 26 of June conference provided by his live show provide camera bottom of the screen, except that Oppo has explained some of the details today about this technique before the launch of the conference tomorrow.

Confirmed Brian Shen, Vice President of the company Oppo on that the technique of the camera the bottom of the screen which are defined in a prototype, tomorrow will not offer the highest performance in export, also explained that this technology is still under development at the current time, where the comments came Oppo as a response to some questions users.

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It is planned to reveal the Oppo tomorrow about the mechanism of action of the camera’s built-in screen in the conference to be held in MWC which is held in Shanghai, where it disappears sensor the camera front is fully in the screen when not in use, while revealing a ring determine the location of the camera front within the screen when you activate the cable car.


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