Oppo confirms work on a smartphone camera ability of optical zoom 10 times the

أوبو تؤكد عملها على كاميرا هاتف ذكي بقدرة تقريب بصري 10 أضعاف

The company stressed that the Oppo Chinese that they are already working on the preparation of the camera’s ability to zoom 10 times especially smartphones, on the pattern similar to reduce magnification to 5 times, presented by the company two years ago but didn’t launch it in the market, comes confirmation OBO this after a number of rumors that talked about the company’s plan to display the smartphone features of this property in the next few weeks.

Included police confirm some information about the camera that will be best measured by 15.9-159 let any IT perspective consistent “ultawide” lens is close to the average magnification in the sense that they consist of three different lenses, I didn’t remember the OBO information on the opening of the shutter of the camera.

For these specifications may not be prescribed to the company for all its firmness when you zoom in and out and maintain a clear picture accurate, but it certainly will do more as a camera smart phone the ability of optical zoom 10 times.

In Gonna Uber her camera in the conference phones global WMC 2019 February next, but without the boots if they will be available in the market during the year or they will be on a similar approach to assess the rounding ×5, which revealed her two years ago and did not divorce her.

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