Oppo Find X: presented with a frameless smartphone in the world

Today, June 19, at the presentation in Paris, the release of the Oppo Find X. the Novelty has become perhaps the most a breakthrough smartphone for the 2018 model year, tucked into the waistband even flagship solution brands of the first echelon.

Best frameless smartphone?

Off Oppo Find X resembles Galaxy S9. The rounded edge of the glass panel, coupled with glitter metal frame that encircles the body around the perimeter, creates a persistent Association with the flagship from Samsung.

But it is necessary to unlock the device, the previous installation of what needs to be frameless smartphone, shatter. Display Oppo Find X, whose diagonal is equal to 6.4 inches, it takes more than 92% of the area of the front panel. The only unoccupied screen area on the front panel located in the lower part and is so small that it would not fit even control keys.

Huge display X Find Oppo was forced to resort to unconventional location of the cameras. Obviously not wanting to use the images of a periscope camera and the order of the bored “hood”, the company’s designers have built both modules in the upper part, which moves relative to the housing.

The slider in 2к18 is legal?

Since the movable part, in addition to front and the main camera has a built sensor system for the recognition of persons before the Oppo engineers were challenged to increase the response speed slider to maximum. However, judging by the tests the final instance, they succeeded. Feel the opening of the module with cells is less than a second.

It is important to note that facial recognition is the only method of identification available to owners of the Oppo Find X. the Manufacturer has decided to refuse half measures and did not install the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel of the smartphone, striving to ensure total solidity of the whole structure.

Specifications Oppo Find X

Technical specifications of Oppo Find X are at the highest level. In the heart of the smartphone chipset Snapdragon 845 and 8 GB of RAM. Capacity built-in battery is equal to 3730 mAh and the main camera resolution is 16 and 20 MP for each module respectively. The role of the software platform was elected as Android 8.1 Oreo.

When to wait?

Oppo Find X will appear in retail stores this summer. The manufacturer has started taking pre-orders for the new product, analyzing the number of people willing to buy a smartphone. Its price will be announced later.

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