Oppo formally the first front camera of smart phones are integrated under the screen

Oppo 2

Within the activities of the World Conference of the Asian beauty Asian MWC 2019 currently held in the capital economic of China, Shanghai, the company Oppo review of the first front camera for smartphones is included under the screen after the thrill of her earlier this month. This allows the new solution to the company using the full screen-free of the pieces or holes in its smart phones to enhance the experience of watching content on their mobile without the need to increase the size of the top frame of the company.

To make this new technology work, the company Oppo makes some adjustments on the screen and the camera. Consists of the upper part of the screen where the camera of transparent material with unique re-design the structure of the pixels to ensure permeability and optimal light. Feature the camera also as being private, they are equipped with large, large sensor, opposite a larger size to combat any refraction of light.

Usually the camera takes pictures when the light reaches the sensor through the lens, but the presence of solid material at the top may make the image blurry completely. The company said Oppo that there are three algorithms to improve the performance of the camera without exposing the screen performance is compromised.

The first algorithm is the White Balance, working on the white balance through adjustment and calibration of color against any light sources might hinder the picture. Then there is an algorithm to HDR that reduce exposures highlights and increase the brightness in the shade. As for Algorithm II which carry the name Haze Removal, they are working to combat the problem of having a solid top of the lens by increasing the sharpness of the image.

The company said for Oppo, it will ” phone a future, free from the widget, and a uniform design, highly recognizable“, but it has remained silent on the specifications and prices and availability. All that has been said in the press release is that it is expected to make this technology its way to smartphones in the near future. After all, the quality of the images captured using this camera is now close to a perfect score, but it is not yet perfect.

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