OPPO get the title of the fastest sign of a premium smartphone growth

Scooped company OPPO the title of the fastest brands of smart phones of the growth in the world for the year 2018 of the company transfers to the Global “Counter-Point Research”, following a achieved a staggering growth rate of 863% led to the acquisition of a share of 6% of the smart phone sector of the world.

Contributed to a variety of factors in this extraordinary exhibition of growth, including the entry of the company into a number of new markets and the conclusion of several partnership agreements with the telecommunication companies. During the past year, carried out the OPPO line of high level to expand the work included significant investment in the Middle East region, has launched its operations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time opened its regional centre third in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates.

Underscoring its importance as a market for has OPPO in the framework of its strategy to expand globally, the company launched a newly series phones New Reno in the United Arab Emirates, the first international market to introduce the company’s new series outside of China coinciding with the introduction of the new power of phones, announced the OPPO also about the draft for OPPO MEA 5G Landing new Project in collaboration with the communications lead in product: “connections” and”Zen”.

Since last year, started for OPPO modify the plan produced in the region to launch phones medium to high quality. Can OPPO Find X, which was launched at the Louvre Museum in Paris; one of the most prominent versions of the company and one of the most smartphones tend. And grabbed the phone, Find X on the desirability of everyone thanks to the screen display panoramic curved and front camera pop-up and elegant design.

Besides the phone, Find X, has made a series phones OPPO R smartphone especially Phone OPPO R17 Pro, was a huge success since its launch late in 2018. The designs of these phones the same gradient colors stunning supported System night photography ultra high-definition (Ultra-Night) is very popular with both customers have the OPPO-permanent members or those who bought phones for the first time.

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And speaking of markets, have contributed to new markets that are entered by the OPPO in achieving outstanding results driven with its strength in the Chinese market. In addition to its entry into the Middle East region, the company has entered a number of European markets such as France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. For the first time, it is the total number of markets entered by the OPPO more than 40 markets.

To make these new markets vigorously; announced the OPPO conclusion of a number of partnership agreements with several telecom companies, including Telefonica in Spain and orange in France, in addition to partnerships with major retailers that will promote the products and services related to phones for OPPO smartphone.

Estimates of the “Counter-Point” future to the sector of premium smartphones would go ahead in achieving the growth level of the box, will be its next growth for the sector driven by the availability of smartphones that support the technologies of the fifth generation commercially, representing a significant support to the plans of the OPPO, which has strengthened its product portfolio through the launch of a series for OPPO Reno new technology supports the fifth generation.

And resources series for OPPO Reno by many of the leading technologies particularly characteristic rounded the picture up to 10 times; and a processor Snapdragon 855; the front camera is hidden and rapid charging VOOC 3.0 and many others. Will phone for OPPO Reno 5G, which was announced recently in Switzerland, the first phone company, Smart booster to the fifth generation.

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