OPPO introduces her phone F9 with Fast shipping … you know the specs and its price

The company launched the OPPO manufacturing the phones smart phone the previous generation of the F Series, smartphone F9, which is the phone that you think OPPO is a turning point in her career point with properties and operations of the advanced technology next to the selfie.

Supports phone F9 fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charge, rear camera, double design, with gradient colors inspired by nature, and women were raised memory random (RAM) with a capacity of 4 GB memory, internal storage capacity of 64 GB at a price of 5,790 pounds, and another memory, a random (RAM) 6 GB memory internal storage capacity of 64 GB, and wait for the announcement of the price at a later time.

During the launch ceremony, stated Andy Xiao, general manager of the company for OPPO, Middle East and Africa, said: “We care about all our customers, and aim in the youth great interest, and always strive to keep abreast of the constant changes in their interests, so we offer telephone F9 we are confident that he will deliver what is looking for young users start the camera all the way to the technology of sophisticated cargo in support of all protections and even gradient colors inspired entirely by nature.”

Phone F9.. first with rapid charging VOOC

Got OPPO on more than 500 patents even exit fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charge since the beginning of its launch in 2014, has become the technology VOOC now of the techniques used by 90 million users around the world due to their development.

And technical through volt (effort, power) is relatively low which reaches speeds of up to 4 times the capacity of normal charging, after just five minutes of charging, the user can Being calls for two hours.

Provides fast charging feature 5 levels of security and protection that begins from the entrance to the shipper and even the internal parts of the phone, where the phone comes supported by a charger with a portion to test the degree of the voltage as there is another part to measure the speed of charging VOOC Identification is with the phone itself also, this is in addition to the laboratory voltage supplied in the phone itself, where improvement in each of these levels of protection to become risk 1 to a million instead of 1 million.

Also enjoy phone F9 battery with a capacity of 3,500 mAh battery, which supports its management system to the battery artificial intelligence AI to rationalize the consumption of AI Battery Management. Where the system maintaining the battery to work for longer time by learning your usage patterns and habits over time, the system will automatically close the application of non-activity to save energy or put it in the case of less consumption, to battery for longer tasks the most productive through a busy day.

Phone F9.. the first screen Waterdrop

Features phone F9 screen size of 6.3 inches unique features with an accuracy of 2340 * 1080 pixel ratio 19.5: 9.

And moving the footprint of the fear which the ratio of the acquisition of the largest company from the phone interface to achieve 90.8% of it, as was the adoption of the technology distribution of the new parts side of the phone that allows both sides left and right of the frame to be 1.7 mm only.

Inspired by the OPPO screen design Waterdrop after gaining 46 patented and face a lot of difficulties in the design where the working on the design in the coefficient for OPPO to reduce the pressure of all the spaces in the interface and modify the place of sound and hearing communities in order to be compressed to a smaller size in order to increase the size of the screen.

“Expert Silva”.. F9 telephone change Look users the rear camera

Equipped phone for OPPO F9 in the back with a double (16MP + 2MP). Used main camera lens aperture of F/1.8, used camera help lens aperture of F / 2.4. It also helps cooperation between these two cameras to the processor at the expense of depth of field and improve the effect of the “Porter”.

Said OPPO developed a unique technique to portray the face of the user, where the three-dimensional lighting analysis points particularly to the dimensions of the face of each user with customized adjustments specific to each lighting address in each photo and looks more natural at the same time.

Based on the analysis of the database, can the rear camera to F9, powered artificial intelligence to determine the 16 scene and automatic optimization for the camera to implement various scenes, and subjects that have the camera intelligently food and the sunset sky.

Come the front camera of the phone accurately 25 MP also supports artificial intelligence technology and commercial pre-AI Beauty Technology 2.1 that provide many options to modify the stills, the camera also comes equipped with HDR which adjusts the lighting of the background selfies to become more realistic and clear.

Phone F9.. more of the characteristics in the camera

Supports the phone’s camera feature Super Vivid Mode, which adds more life to the shots selfie by enhancing the colors in the image, enhance contrast and details in order to image more professional both in the East shining or in shadows it is possible to use this technique in the filming of the video also.

As the camera is enhanced with en Stickers or stickers/effects of augmented reality AR that offer an infinite number of effects live that could be added on the photo. Also, some of these effects are called music clips. And to provide the rear camera with slow motion at 120 frames per second at 720p.

The colors of the phone inspired by nature

As a brand a favorite of the network, I tried to OPPO that the evolution of The Shape of the phone’s exterior using the latest fashion, so it has been using a new technique to paint the body of the phone outside of gradient to add more dynamic and the diversity of options suitable for all cases and tastes.

Comes phone for OPPO F9 in the three colors are red sunrise Sunrise Red color of Twilight Blue Twilight Blue color stars purple Starry Purple, and colors that are inspired by the OPPO from the elements of nature such as sunrise and sunset, the sky and the stars.

Featuring the back side of the phone not only the flow of the colors that give it a dynamic movement, but also carry the design on the pattern papers, flowers and circles are diverse and reflective of the light vs. the shadows, which enhances the user’s visual experience.

The operating system and multitasking

Phone supports F9 operating system ColorOS5.2-based Android 8.1 (Android Oreo), as the phone is equipped by two copy memory random (RAM) 4 GB and another 6 GB to deal with everyday tasks easily, such as video playback high-definition video games large size with memory internal storage 64 GB, the OPPO F9 to store images, videos, games and files, as the phone also supports card memory which can be increased to 256 GB.

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