OPPO is preparing to launch a phone F9 in Egypt with rapid charging VOOC

The company announced the Oppo for OPPO to manufacture smartphones for the near launch of its new phone in the F Series, which bears the name of the F9, in Egypt, in the framework of the company’s attention by adding the new phones that meet the needs of users in key markets has such as the Egyptian market, where it comes supported with rapid charging VOOC Flash, will also be made available in distinct colors inspired by nature, while the screen comes to the design Waterdrop unique.

The phone is the first in a series F which is supported by OPPO screen FHD+ that feature a design Waterdrop entirely new, with screen 90.8% of the structure of the phone, which is the design that offers the user visual experience more vivid without the need to increase the size of the phone itself to increase the area of the screen.

According to a press release, stated Andy Xiao, general manager of OPPO, Middle East and Africa, said: ” We always strive to develop our products based on the reactions of the users on the previous phones in the global markets, as achieved phone, Find X a huge success globally and in the Africa region and the Middle East – which is in the category of price relatively higher – we aspire to make more phones in different price categories and possibilities for Variety in order to satisfy more users from different segments and different requirements and needs. The market is considered the source of the major markets that we are keen to provide all what is new to them, as they are the largest markets and most diverse in terms of consumer segments due to its large population.”

Added Andy Xiao: “is phone F9 a reflection of our vision that we follow recently, which aims to combine art and technology or what we call the “art of technology” as reflected in our permanent pursuit of perfection and delivering products ahead of its time, put the future to the hands of the user need.”

The phone comes with fast charging VOOC Flash Charge which depends on the charging technology through it low and fast at the same time strongly 5V4/A, which can charge the phone 4 times faster than regular technical 5V1/A used in the rest of the phones.

The fast charging, the phone also powered with 5 levels of security and protection, start from a voltage source to the inlet of the charger until the phone parts of the interior, and some of these levels, the low-temperature out (voltage the same) is appropriate to prevent the possibility of damage to the phone.

The phone in three colors characteristic has been developed by OPPO, and they are the color red, Sunrise Red and blue color Twilight Blue color, violet, Starry Purple, and colors that are inspired by the OPPO of nature, as the use of OPPO technology “Frame Gradient” developed to assess this, the colors are more dynamic so that the color feature of their intervention which suggests the Arabic and attracts many young users, so that the OPPO is more geared now toward this technique in the design of its phones to move away from the shape rigid color that always describes the its users bored.

For the first time, offers for OPPO design innovative outdoor dialogue phones or its lateral parts in the form of a curved to become connected fully with the back of the phone, which adds more flow to the outer structure and a harmony and elegance at the same time.

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