Oppo is working on sensors the bottom of the screen to create a smartphone with a curved screen in all four limbs


Total innovation in the smartphone industry at its highest level over the past two years thanks to the arrival of new designs similar to the cameras pop-up, the sensor of the fingerprint built-in screen, and the curved sides. It refers patent the latest from the company Oppo that we can see the screens curved in all the four parties in the phones the Chinese company in the future. That may be possible thanks to the technology other acquired company Oppo also, a sensor that can be placed under the screen.

Moving the patent from the sensor the light sensor to infrared light, which can work even if the bottom of the screen. This would eliminate the need for a framework to accommodate these sensors, with the sensors first used to adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light while using the other to close the screen during calls. Can operate these sensors with screens MicroLED or OLED.

Two months ago, offered to us by Oppo smartphone prototype featuring a screen waterfall curved sides, but the idea of making all four sides-bending is not new. Got Xiaomi company filed a patent for a similar device with a curved screen in the four parties in the month of February.

It should be noted that the company Oppo had confirmed to us earlier also it works on the front camera can be placed the bottom of the screen. This shows that the company is working hard to overcome all the obstacles that prevent them from creating a smartphone with a screen cover 100% of the interface device. Before concluding, We would like to point out that we have already seen smartphones with screen waterfall makes its way to the market, we mean here both the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Vivo NEX 3.

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