Oppo launches its declaration headline the first phones Reno2

The company launched the Oppo announcement headline the first of the new generation of phones Reno, where came the teaser in a short video clip ends with the emergence of the brand for the next generation Reno2.

Posted teaser of the first phones Reno2 of Oppo on the page of the company’s official Weibo, and has revealed previously that the phone Reno2 applies chip Snapdragon processor 730 with the technique of magnification up to 20 times, how come the camera style Lily for efficiently and firming higher.

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It is scheduled to come optical zoom in a phone Reno2 up to 5 times, while the phone supports digital zoom up to 20 times, so I don’t featuring the new release model of the Parthenon.

Also offer for Oppo design a pop-up for the front vehicle in the new generation Reno2, which is the same design introduced in the first release Reno, that includes a design pop-up sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera, while the phone settings quad for car rear sensor with a key strictly 48 mega pixel camera, sensor telephoto accurately 13 megapixel, sensor third with 8 mega pixel resolution wide viewing angles, while the sensor of the latter with 2-mega pixel camera support depth photography.

Recall that the Oppo unveils series Reno2 in a conference to be held on the 28th of August, so we expect the official announcement to get the advantages of the new generation of phones Reno.


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