Oppo offer live to camera bottom of the screen on the 26th of June

Held by Oppo for its next conference on June 26 during the Shanghai next, where they review the company model of smart phone is featured with camera bottom of the screen or the built-in screen.

Company Oppo has published ads trailer about the new technology for the control of the social media sites, where comes a new design for the cable car to the bottom of the phone screen to my camera in full screen when not in use.

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And for Oppo to offer live demo of this technique on the 26th of June, and through the model of cell phone featuring technology the camera’s built-in screen, where company sent Oppo invitations media channels in China, with the sticker clearly disclose the full technical New Car.

Include Oppo in the teaser with the words “larger surface”, where it is expected to support this technical view larger screen smart phones with frames the size of the thinnest for sure.

Recall that the Shanghai conference phone is one of the events subcommittee of the conference of the global phone to Barcelona, which is reviewing the Giants of China technology coming in the smart phones in Asia, before spreading new techniques to get to the smart phones special.


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