Oppo offers phone Reno Ace soon with support charger 65W

Published on the site Weibo, the first details about the phone Oppo next Reno Ace, which supports the fast charging technology with capacity of up to 65W.

Confirmed Brian Shen, Vice President of the company Oppo recently in a publication came out on Weibo that the upcoming release of a series of phones Reno which will be titled The Reno Ace, there will come a new generation of fast charging technology SuperVOOC capacity of up to 65W.

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On the other hand, did not disclose Brian Shen for more details about the phone Reno Ace or charging technology is new, only that the next generation of charging technology Oppo will get definitely the performance of the fast charging technology current 50W SuperVOOC.

Also scheduled to begin for Oppo mass production for the Reno Ace at the beginning of next month, so are expected to be announced phone Reno Ace with the technology of new shipping during the month of October.


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