Oppo offers the practical experience to think camera compact the bottom of the screen

The company submitted Oppo today live show to the new cable car, the bottom of the screen during the events of the Shanghai conference for the phone, it has reviewed the company’s also practical experience for the quality of the imaging for the initial treatment of the phones is possible with this technique.

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Company Oppo has announced a technical camera the bottom of the screen at the beginning of this month, and then came the declaration of another of the Shao from the developed to provide similar also, where did disclose this ad for more details about the mechanism of action of this technique, except that the company Oppo had a set of details with a live demo of this technique on the ground.

Characterized by the technique of camera bottom of the screen as illustrated by Oppo design and choose the camera front within the screen to the screen, traditionally in the case of non-use, while the special in camera in the screen when looking up close jamming on the screen or with pixel camera more.

And Oppo to that part of the screen features a textured transparent more as it comes out of the top of the light, so the Stealth Camera bottom of the screen requires in its work a special design in the screen differs from the screen currently being used in smartphones that may support the technology footprint at the screen, but it will not support the technology camera the bottom of the screen.

Also added the Oppo to the camera bottom of the screen comes sensor characteristic size with the size of the largest individual pixels also, this coupled with the lens wide supports capture light more efficiently, which leads to a reduction in the quality of the photography, only to Oppo confirmed that they support the cable car boards combine the improvements in white balance, with HDR and also technology artificial intelligence image processing produce images higher quality.


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