Oppo officially reveal wireless headset for Oppo Enco Q1, which supports the noise cancellation technology


The company Oppo today slide the curtain officially for a wireless headset for Oppo Enco Q1 in China, which is about wireless headphones new noise cancelling is considered part of the series to hear their new wireless Oppo Enco Series.

Featuring headphones for Oppo Enco Q1 new design belt which wraps around the neck with the knowledge that they will be available for purchase in white, black and orange. According to the company Oppo, has reported that the headphones for Oppo Enco Q1 New includes four microphones with the knowledge that he is using two of these microphones four in order to listen to the external noise surrounding the cover of the noise cancellation system in the heavens. And for the mics of the remaining existing inside the heavens, they are used to the noise found in your ears to cancel noise that may cause due to evaporation various data in the form of whining.

Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us the company Oppo so far about the price and the launch of the headphones for Oppo Enco Q1 new. Moreover, they did not confirm to us yet whether will release these headphones wireless new in the rest of the world in the future or not, although we go back to possibility one.


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