Oppo officially the first front camera hidden under the screen

The company introduced the Oppo formally – through its participation in the exhibition of consumer electronics MWC 2019 in Shanghai – its technology new allows putting the front camera is “hidden” under the screen; so that you can make the screen fill the valley completely.

The Chinese company has revealed the technical beginning of the month of June, and on the same day, revealed a offset Shawty on similar technology, but the two companies didn’t know of any phone that includes this technology.

According to Engadget China , which experienced technical in one of the prototypes, the image provided by the camera front-end concealer does not live up to the front camera the current, as it comes behind the LCD screen is transparent, the website said it’s clearly differ relatively to what is around it.

And many companies have resorted to creative ways to avoid the protrusion of the front camera, which appeared with the trend of most smart phone companies to provide the screen fills up with fact, and is the most appropriate solution to maintain the front camera with the increased screen space.

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Because extrusion had not received much from users, came the companies – especially Chinese ones – with the front camera of the pop-up, then announced the Taiwanese company Asus a few weeks ago about the camera are spinning used front and rear with, in her phone later (approximately 6) ZenFone 6.

Resorted companies, such as: Vivo newbies, to add a secondary display on the back of the phone, dispensing with the front camera altogether, and replaced by the rear camera, which used self-portraits (selfie) using the secondary.

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