Oppo patent for a smartphone retractable camera popup


In the month of February, we have seen many smartphones folding of a number of companies, including Samsung and Huawei with the knowledge that we also saw a prototype for a smartphone retractable from the company Oppo. With the delayed launch of both the Galaxy Fold, a subsidiary of Samsung and Huawei Mate X, a subsidiary of Huawei, it seems that smart phones are collapsible you know that test relapse. other, but it is undoubtedly a matter of time only?

Having said that, it turns out that the company Oppo presented a patent for a smartphone retractable Bureau of the World Intellectual Property known acronym in the name of WIPO in October of last year, and it was published this patent in the recent past only. Thanks to computer graphics, and planning included in the file of the patent, we got a glimpse of the device, and found out that the most notable change in this smartphone folding is provided by a front-facing camera popup which allow to maintain the design, and consistent. This will allow you to design taking pictures and videos when the phone is folded or open.

It seems that this approach from the company Oppo is in line with the approach used in the prototype where you fold the screen out. Provide joints of the phone provide solid support and sound computer as well to phone features port headphones 3.5 mm. Given that this is only a patent, we do not have any specification. And if we take into account the pessimistic outlook to the vice president of the company Oppo, Mr. Brian Shen of the benefits of smart phones folding, you probably won’t see the device in its final version any time soon.


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