Oppo patent for distinctive camera editable

The company recorded Oppo patent of smart phone is new comes with full determination control mechanism rotate, the design is trying to what made Asus recently in a phone Zenfone 6.

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Similar to what is provided for Oppo in my phone Oppo N1 and Oppo N1 in the design of the camera front the possible mechanism of recycling, it seems that Oppo will have a new version of the phones comes with another design, one camera possible mechanism to rotate.

I have recorded the Oppo … patented new agency WIPO in the past period, where the unit supports the camera switch between camera key and front camera.

Definitely still patent in its early stages, so it may take the arrival of this version to the stage of development for some time, also is expected to show more detail about the mechanism of action of the camera in the patent for Oppo through the new leaks later.


I know of

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