Oppo preparing to launch phones with the fifth generation of the latest processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765G

OPPO launches phones with fifth-generation latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765G end of 2019 beginning of 2020.

أوبو تطلق هواتف بتقنية الجيل الخامس وأحدث معالجات كوالكوم Snapdragon 865 و Snapdragon 765G في بداية 2020.

Within its participation in the conference of the Snapdragon “Snapdragon Tech Summit annual” organized by the Qualcomm Developer to phones, the company announced the Oppo today announced they will be one of the first companies that adopt the latest processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765G where her phone flagship will get Snapdragon processor 865 to arrive in the first quarter of 2020.

The police also confirmed that her new Reno3 Pro which intend to launch this month will come with a processor Snapdragon 765G which supports Agnes of the fifth generation with a chip built inside of it.

The company says in its statement: “to provide the Wizards the fifth generation of the Snapdragon mobile phones to buy the Oppo provide smart phones, the leading network of cellular communication of best in class and highest performance and efficiency in energy consumption, the layout design is attractive and gives users the next generation of experiences shooting video and photographs, add to the gaming experiences incomparable. Equipped with processor Snapdragon 765G and the fifth-generation compact, and processing technology with capacity of 7 nm, besting phone Reno3 Pro on all expectations through providing an amazing experience to connect to the fifth-generation users.”

In turn, said Ethan Chen, head of the OBO of the Middle East and Africa: “allow us to provide our phone with a processor Snapdragon 865 the launch of the leading smartphones support the techniques of the fifth generation and levels of experiences provided by the terms of camera, gaming and artificial intelligence, to provide users around the world performance. And, in turn, will allow the phone Reno3 Pro with processor Snapdragon 765G users to experience connection Super Booster with a fifth-generation system and running games Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming and exceptional performance in mobile phone ultra-slim. And Oppo to launch more products that support the technologies of the fifth generation in the future, to the adoption of these technologies more widely around the world.”

The company added in its statement: “I’ve always had the Oppo is committed to launching smart phones support technologies the fifth generation and promote its spread around the world. In the month of last May, launched a brand phone Reno 5G officially in Switzerland as the first mobile phone commercially available works with fifth-generation in Europe. In the wake of the remarkable success achieved by the new phone, the company in its later widely in both Australia and the United Kingdom and Italy. As a result of the achieved by the Reno 5G, won the Oppo, Qualcomm, Ericsson, in the month of June last the award for “best development of the network of the fifth generation in Europe.”

Phone was Reno 5G have been disclosed in the GCC in the month of September. To many of the leading advantages which using the latest innovative technologies to elevate the level of photography and entertainment in smart phones add to the strength of the communication technologies of the fifth generation.

It should be noted that the Chinese company is one of the most important companies in the production of smart phones around the world and the leading partners of Qualcomm in the field of processors. As is considered a major contributor to the standardization of fifth generation, where the beginning of the year, the project launched (5G Landing Project) in collaboration with a number of operators and partners to accelerate the commercial services and products of the fifth generation in different parts of the world.

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